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Medical/Pharma Express Courier

Medical/Pharma Express Courier

We organize your national and international pharmaceutical and Life Science sample* shipments 24/7.
*Biological substances category A and B, exempt human and animal specimen, pharmaceuticals, medical kit and equipment.

Your Benefit

Highly Flexible

  • Open source services
  • Flexible pickup and delivery
  • Allowance for special customer requests

Demanding Reliability

  • Qualified logistical networks
  • Proactive supervision of all shipments

High Speed

  • Prompt response time
  • Expeditious logistical services

Outstanding Expertise

  • Temperature controlled transports
  • +15°C to +25°C / +2°C to +8°C / -15°C to -25°C, Dry Ice (-78°C) / Cryo (-196°C)
  • Professional packaging solutions
  • Custom-made routing

Pharma/Life Science shipment at ATL Worldwide Courier stands out due to highly customized transport arrangements concerning your pharmaceuticals or blood and tissue samples deriving from humans and/or animals. Qualified Thermo-Container-Solutions (including temperature control on demand) ensure thermal stability of your transported good. Open source logistical solutions in combination with reviewed logistical partners guarantee bespoke routing for your important shipment.

Prompt response of our well-trained team concerning your request enables quick decisions on your part.

The combination of reliable and qualified logistical partners providing  Onboard, Same Day and Next Day, assure expedited transportation service combined with a decent ratio of price and performance.

Throughout the transportation process, our coordination team personally checks all critical handovers in order to ensure top performance (“Proactive Shipment Management”).

In addition, we consider your demands regarding specific pickup and delivery times as well as special pickup, transportation and delivery requests.

Please note, that we do not offer any services to a private person.