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Onboard Courier

Onboard Courier

Your Specialist for Accompanied Transports of Medical Products. Worldwide pickup and delivery is our daily business.

For more than fifteen years, we have provided accompanied transports of bone marrow and stem cells for a constantly growing number of clients.

With more than 30,000 transports we guarantee you will reach a competent team with great know how at all our company locations.

You´ll be able to reach us 24/7/365 for planning, monitoring, execution and wrap-up of your transport.

Quality Management

We use the most recent and validated transport equipment (transport cases, temperature monitoring etc.) in order to fulfill the highest requirements. Our equipment is inspected and calibrated on a regular basis in order to guarantee best performance.

After each transport, you´ll receive requested and relevant records for your documentation.

Our couriers are permanently trained and have the most recent status of knowledge according to the relevant national and international standards for HPC transportation. Our multi-stage selection procedure for couriers combined with intense internal training guarantees a 100% fulfillment of your requirements and special requests.

Our long-term working relationship with two renowned business travel agencies enables us to provide you the best options with regard to reliability, transport time and product and courier safety. Due to close cooperation with Collection Centers, Same-Day delivery is possible in most cases. Our top priority is the fastest and most reliable delivery for the patient.

You send your order and we´ll complete all necessary tasks for you – from transport planning to delivery.

You´ll receive all transport relevant information immediately from the beginning.

Our couriers are constantly available for you – sometimes even on the flight.

Our online-tracking enables you to permanently monitor the actual status of your transport - you just need a mobile device to log on to the tracking site.

In customer audits we regularly receive confirmation that our services fulfill all customer requirements as well as national and international standards e. g. JACIE, WMDA and ZKRD.

Our internal Quality Management ensures that our SOPs are always actual in order to accommodate the dynamic changes and innovations of national and international standards.

Stem Cells save Lives!

An extraordinary high level of trustworthiness ensures also, that transports requested on short notice will be carried out quickly and reliably from pickup to delivery.

For over fifteen years, our team stands for the highest quality, with absolute reliability and flexibility. Our renowned national and international customers know to appreciate our celerity, and our individual guidance while being responsible for their transport orders. You will receive your order confirmation within the shortest period of time. We are known for sending courier and travel information within one hour of notice.

We exclusively send out one courier for each patient, donor and transport. This dedicated courier is responsible throughout the entire transport of the transplant, which includes personal pickup at the Collection Center, supervision through all stages of the transport and personal handing over of the product at the Transplant Center. In the event additional couriers are needed for a transport because of medical reasons, we gladly support you with this request.

Our References

The high quality standard to which we commit ourselves reflects in the intensive, long-term partnership we have with our customers.

Numerous national and international Bone Marrow Registries, Collection and Transplant Centers have consigned their life saving transplants to our organization and couriers for many years. Never satisfied with the status quo, we permanently work to improve our service in accordance with all national and international standards and even beyond.

The success of our philosophy of quality is reflected by a continuously growing number of customers, who put their faith and trust in our performance in ordering our services.

Our Team

In order to handle your mission the best way, we support you with a team of experts round the clock, each day of the year. By calling our special emergency telephone number you receive competent support immediately in any matter.

All of our team members frequently receive relevant training, perform transports personally in order to gain further experience and are in permanent contact with their colleagues of the donor and patient organizations. Our clients confirm our office duty competence and high transport service quality by service audits on a regular basis.

When you are interested in our services, please don´t hesitate to contact us – we are ready to work with you!

When you are ready to learn more about our services or need an individual transport solution for your shipment, our highly motivated, multilingual team is waiting for your call in order to personally speak with you about our commitment and competence.

Please note, that we do not offer any services to a private person.