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The Company

The Company

Since 1996, ATL Worldwide Courier has specialized in the delivery of national and international overnight and express shipments. We have over 20 years experience in development and implementation of individual, high-quality transport solutions. On a weekly basis we transport many thousands of shipments including documents relating to laboratory samples and expedited packages.
As a company we strive to provide the highest quality of service while maintaining the standards of confidentiality and flexibility.
With over 50 employees, we operate at our headquarters in Munich, a global shipping logistics system with an expansion in more than 190 countries. Our level of experience is well above the industry average which makes us an ideal partner for every important, time-critical mission.
We make the interests of our customers our top priority, while acting in a committed manner we take personal responsibility and proactively look for the best solutions. This makes us one of the best -known medium-sized international companies and the top of the privately owned express services in Germany.

Our Logistics Network

There are many benefits to partnering with ATL Worldwide Courier for your shipping needs. In addition to our own infrastructure and our unique stations, we use independent group Express-line networks and exclusive agencies in London, Paris, Milan, New York, Los Angeles and Hong Kong. We also offer connections to more than 170 partners worldwide.

Our basic service provides much more than what you can expect from other Express services. You also benefit from our experience and expertise to select the most suitable and reliable delivery partners. This selection is based on your specific requirements as well as the shipment’s content, size, destination and desired benefits. We guarantee you the fastest available shipping service on the market and an above-average reliability rate.

At any time, the current status of your shipment can be viewed by tracking the package on your website. Moreover, you will find  our service team is always available to assist you with any shipment needs. With 24-hour accessibility, even on weekends and holidays, we are always here for you personally.

Our Commitment to Quality

In addition to our focus on reliability and quality of service, we also place importance on the personal and individual care of our customers.

Quality to us means that you will be given individually assistance and goal-oriented services. Our professional team of couriers understands the importance of each shipment and we maintain a spirit of partnership with customers and service providers. Quality means for us, of course, that your shipments are delivered on time and arrive in great condition to the recipient.

Our strong emphasis on quality is apparent at all service levels within our company. Our focus on quality management and effective work practices have been firmly established and are continuously improved upon. Because our service selection is based purely on the needs of the customer, our performance and the quality of our vendors is continuously monitored and evaluated. This allows us to intervene immediately and react to any issue that could occur, what increases our flexibility and adaptability.
Our company undergoes frequent audits in accordance with the standards and guidelines of the Good Distribution Practice (GDP) and our high standard of performance can be attested by our many customers and further confirms our commitment and our quality. 

Our References

The fulfillment of our quality standards is reflected in the many years of intensive partnership with our customers.
We operate in the areas of film and media industry, the advertising industry and the international banking, printing and publishing industry. We understand the unique specifications that are included in their shipping logistics. Due to the individual attention needed when dealing with well-known companies of the legal and notarial nature, Europe-wide laboratories and study centers, companies in the pharmaceutical and health industries, and specialized medical shipments our valued business partners reach out for our services again and again.

Our Team

To meet your unique shipping needs requires a competent team. All our staff have many years of industry experience in our business and receive ongoing education in the form of specialized training courses and seminars in order to ensure the highest level of service.
With our ability to quickly find solutions in difficult circumstances, our employees provide the best possible care with your shipments. Our offices are able to give direct, personal contact - without any call center.

To learn more about our services or to inquire about individual transport solutions for your company, please contact our offices. Our highly motivated, multilingual team and we be happy to assist you.

Please note, that we do not offer any services to a private person.